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Deno Hicks

Deno Hicks

Deno is the President of River North Strategies.

The Space Coast Comes to Jacksonville

Jacksonville and First Coasters: Space conglomerate company Redwire announced that it is moving its headquarters to Jacksonville.  This announcement comes on the heels of Redwire’s acquisition in June of Jacksonville-based Made in Space (sidenote: Made In Space moved from Silicon Valley to Jacksonville in 2015). Jacksonville will now serve as the hub of Redwire’s operations, which includes working with other space-industry companies Redwire previously acquired. When I write and talk about Jacksonville building on its strong foundation, this is what I am talking about!

Jacksonville-based Made In Space was launched in 2010. It’s technology, including 3-D printers, were flown on the International Space Station. It is the type of company other entrepreneurs in Jacksonville can look to as proof that we can build, sustain and scale innovative businesses right here.

Redwire was established by private equity firm AE Industrial Partners with the combination of two companies, Adcole Space and Deep Space Systems. Those companies provide engineering services and space industry components. Deep Space Systems also developed a robotic lunar lander that’s part of NASA’s Lunar Payload Services program. 

When looking for a home, people often look for ones with “good bones,” a place that can always be improved but has the foundation needed to build greatness. Jacksonville and the rest of the First Coast, this is one more piece of evidence that we have great bones, and we are prepared for excellence. 

If you are excited about what’s happening here, or if you know of other opportunities to build excellence in Jacksonville, please give me call or set up a zoom to talk about how we can grow in the First Coast together.

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